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Halder - EH 25030.: Dadi esagonali ‒ autobloccanti

Clamping nuts are used for rotating parts, especially for reversible shafts, for example for fixing the grinding wheel. The compact construction ensures a safe function and allows quick installation using a face pin wrench.


  • Acciaio da bonifica brunito


The clamping nut consists of an outer and inner ring, which form a unit.

The outer ring has a conical bore, the slotted inner ring has a conical outer surface and a female thread.

When tightening the clamping nut using a face pin wrench, the two conical surfaces move against each other. As a result, the slotted inner ring narrows like a collet. The nut clamps itself on the flanks of the thread so much, that they do not detach even with opposite axis rotation.


Further dimensions on request.

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Codice Nome prodotto Qtà & Carrello
25030.0020 Dadi esagonali, autobloccanti | d1=M20 x 1,5 / d2=40 mm | 25030.0020  REGISTRATI /
25030.0021 Dadi esagonali, autobloccanti | d1=M20 x 1,5 / d2=50 mm | 25030.0021  REGISTRATI /

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